Red spot on nasal tip s/p Rhinoplasty. Any suggestions? (photos)

rhinoplasty 2013. 2014 I developed a red spot. I've had it treated with a laser and it returned, topical steroid ointment, topical abx ointment, oral abx and nothing has worked. It is non painful, not raised, doesn't itch and never goes away. At times the color may change to being more or less red. I've seen my dr that did my surgery and a derm and don't really have any answers. I had a strut graft done and My surgeon has stated that there was no cartilage placed in this area. Any thoughts...?

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Redness after rhinoplasty

This is  a bit unusual. It is difficult to see in the photos, but this may be a small vascular skin lesion. I would consider another laser treatment with a vascular laser to see if that takes care of it. Best of luck.

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