Full mouth reconstruction. What shade crowns should I choose? (Photo)

I am currently going through a full mouth reconstruction and am fitted with temporary crowns on all upper and lower teeth while my doctor works to dial in my bite. I will ultimately end up with a mouth full of Zarcania crowns. The shade of the temporaries is the first shade in the bleach category an I am very happy with the look already however I am thinking maybe I may want to go with the 2nd or 3rd Bleach shade. I am a fit 42 years old male. Any input/examples is very appreciated.

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Shade Decision

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Ultimately, you and your dentist should both be involved in the shade selection process.  There are some people that can pull off whiter shades and some where the teeth look fake being too bright.  Your dentist should have shade guides to walk you through the process and help you decide.  Remember, these are a lifetime commitment so I will typically advise my patients to choose a shade that is believable now and in the future as you age.  

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