Is it possible for implant to rise up as it heals? Will it always be low in pocket? My surgeon told me to wait and see (Photo)

Is it possible for implant to heal and move up to give breast upper pole fullness as it heals?4 weeks post op and surgeon said it will go up and the left will drop and be even.3rd set of boobs for me, I have my doubts this can happen.Is it possible?Do implants ever heal "up"?

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Implants do not 'rise up' as they heal

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unless you have a contracture.  If you like the look of your lower side, ask your surgeon for maneuvers to help the higher one come down so the upper poles are level.  If you like your higher one, then support your lower one as much as you can and anticipated needing a revision on that side down the road.  Bottom line, you have to heal now before considering anything else... and if you have smooth round implants and was fine with the lower look, I would have you do many things to help the high one settle better.

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Breast Asymmetry

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I have my doubts too. Your surgeon is not giving you the most accurate information. Although it is possible the implant that is too high may come down, it will not likely look like or be at the same level as the other one. Even less likely is that the lower one will come up, unless of course you develop capsular contracture on that side too. I would get a few other opinions by ABPS certified/ASAPS member surgeons who can examine you to better evaluate your situation. Best of luck.

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Implants at different levels

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Thank you for your question. At this stage you are still healing and wait for about 3-4 months for implants to settle. Please follow instructions from your PS.

Healing after breast implants

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Typically as breast implants heal they will settle down into their pocket.  It is not uncommon for one breast to drop a little fast than the other.  At only 4 weeks post op it is way too early to make any determinations about how they will look when completely healed.  If a breast implant is getting higher on your chest as it heals then it can possibly raise concern for capsular contracture.  We usually don't want implants to sit too high on the chest as this can create an unnatural appearance.  At this point I would recommend to just be patient and let the healing process take place.  Of course if you have concerns you should see your surgeon for in person evaluation.  Best of luck!

Breast asymmetry

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The surgery is recent and the swelling is not yet settled. They will soften and perhaps one will settle lower (left one). They both look good. They just don't look the same. If the difference in the folds persists, one may choose to either raise one or to lower the other. 

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