Breast bottomed out? Do I need a revision? (Photo)

Is my right breast bottoming out?is left not dropped?right is so much lower and I don't like how hollowed out the top is, all upper pole fullness is gone :( i have large implants 800cc HP silicone, but they fit my body. my surgeon told me he lowered pockets on purpose, but only one side is lower.i feel that dissection on right pocket was too aggressive and the result is way too low implant. Im so sad :)

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Breast bottomed out? Do I need a revision?

Thank you for your question and photo. Unfortunately,the photo that you have posted (with your arms raised) does not allow for accurate evaluation. Please re-post or email photos with your arms down by your side for better / more accurate evaluation.

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Thank you for the question but these are questions to direct to your surgeon who operated on you and knows where you are in the healing process

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Revisional Breast Surgery

The photo you provide is not appropriate for an evaluation and doesn't seem to show what you describe. Is best to take your photograph with your arms down (have someone take it for you) and you should discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon first. 

Bottoming out?

Hello, the photo is not a close-up but from the distance it was taken it looks like there is good breast shape and only slight asymmetry.  If you have concerns, you could discuss further treatment options with your surgeon.

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