What is the benefit of paying for the O-shot if I don't have issues with arousal or climax?

I'm looking into getting a minora labiaplasty and the doctor I've chosen is pushing the O-shot. It's $500 and I don't think it's necessary when I can have that money go toward a session of Thermiva. I don't have issues with arousal or reaching climax so is this something I should just say I absolute don't want and don't need to pay for?

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Benefit of O shot

If you don't have any issues with incontinence or orgasms , I agree with you that you don't "need" the Oshot.  In my practice , I have seen 2 groups of women who are requesting the Oshot.  There is a subset of women who notice orgasms are not as strong or easy to obtain as they have aged.  These are perfect candidates for the O shot and approximately 90% will see improvement.  On the other hand, there are other women who are having great sexual relations (without any problems) and they are looking for something to make it excellent.  The analogy I make is similar to women who are already in great physical shape but they are always looking for the next best thing to help them get stronger, faster and leaner.  Hope that helps :)

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No Shot

I agree if you don't have any issues with climax or arousal the O shot may not be necessary. If you have vaginal laxity and dryness issues the ThermiVa may give you better results combinated with the labioplasty.

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