18 Months Later Did my Vagina Heal Wrong? (photo)

I had my first baby 18 months ago. Since then I still have trouble holding in my urine, (I pee when I sneeze or cough). It still hurts to have sex. Wearing tight jeans is uncomfortable. I have a white/mucus discharge. Even walking sometimes irritates it. I don't know if I'm overly sensitive down there or if something is wrong. I'm a single mom so I'm trying to avoid going to the Gyno unless its serious. But I feel like something is wrong.

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Problems after vaginal delivery

At 18 months after delivery, you should not be experiencing these issues.  The good news is there is help, possibly the need for surgery (i.e. vaginoplasty whereby the supportive muscles of the vagina and bladder are tightened back up), the 'bad" news is you will have to visit your gynecologist, preferably a specialist in vaginoplasty for an evaluation to determine exactly what must be done to relieve you of all your problems.  Glad to help... 

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Urinary Problems, Sensitivity, Discharge & Irritation after Vaginal Childbirth

You share a problem that is extremely common after a vaginal delivery - loosening of the support to your bladder and pelvic floor. Any gynecologist will be able to conduct a full assessment of the extent of your condition. These issues will not improve on their own.

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18 Months Later Did my Vagina Heal Wrong?

You really need to see a urogynecologist.  They can give you options for the stress incontinece you are experiencing.  Having pain, that far out is not normal so an examination is important and necessary.

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Did vagina heal wrong

You need to see your gynecologist.  You should not still have pain this long after childbirth.  Your bladder may have also lost support from the delivery. You need to be evaluated and treated.


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