3 weeks post op of Revision Rhinoplasty, I have swelling on inside of nostril. Does the grafts get bigger before smaller?

Hello - i had my revision rhino 3 weeks ago, and all seems well, but in the past week, the insides of my nostrils seem to have gotten fatter - and i can feel what i think are grafts as hard pieces in the upper 2/3rds of the nostril. I'm talking about the part of the nostril on the outside of the nose, NOT next to columella. I had been breathing great, but with these hard pieces getting bigger on the inside of my nostrils, it is harder to breath in. From the outside, all looks fine, if swollen still.

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Of course, without examining you or seeing photos it is impossible to be very specific other than to say you are still VERY early in the recovery process and there will continue to be noticeable changes for many months to come. So be patient. In the worst case scenario, and experienced would wait many months before even considering any kind of surgical revision anyway.

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