How to fix asymmetry after buccal fat pad removal? (Photo)

I had my two buccal fat pads removed but my face is very asymmetric now. The right side of my face is slimmer and I have the hollow cheeks as I wanted, but the left is not hollow and the difference is very evident. Is there any way to camouflage this asymmetry and make a hollow in my left cheek? Botox injections in the masseter muscle would be a good option?

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How to fix asymmetry after buccal fat pad removal? = it depends on the cause of asymmetry #buccalfatremoval #chubbycheeks

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Correcting facial asymmetry after buccal fat removal requires examination of the face to determine the potential cause of the asymmetry.

The bone structure (eg. cheek bone), soft tissues of the face (eg. residual buccal fat, asymmetry in the master muscle, etc) could be potential causes of the asymmetry. Therefore, a physical exam is required to determine the cause and propose a plan to correct it.

Patients interested in determine if candidates for facial asymmetry correction should make a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon specialized in procedure of the face.

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