Facial fat reduction or what is the recommendation? 23 yo male with really saggy face. (photos)

Since I remember I have had prominent nasabial folds and tear throughs. Years before they werent as saggy as today. I changed my lifestyle and I started working out so I lost plenty of bf. I am at 15-16% now and I'll try to get to 10-12%. My main issue is with my lower cheeks. I want my face to look firmer and more masculine. I was adviced to consider buccal fat removal. I would appreciate your answer as this has really concerned me. I am also not sure if it has to be more with my bone structure

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Facial fat reduction

What I see based on the photos is some facial lipoatrophy and thinning of facial structures with weight loss.  First thing is that there is nothing wrong with your face..this is how your face is.  As far as what to do..i would definitely NOT recommend buccal fat pad removal.  This will leave you more hollow.  If you goal is more firmer look, I would consider facial volume augmentiaon first.  This can be fat grafting, sculptra, voluma or some other fillers to help add volume to the cheeks to make them more fuller.  Hope this helps. Good luck.
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