I'm 38 years old, 5'6'', 130 lbs. Would you recommend a Breast lift with small implants or T inverted scar? (photos)

After pregnancies and breastfeeding my breasts have gotten terribly saggy. My surgeon explained that a T inverted type of surgery will give me a good shape and remove all the excess skin but leave the scars. As an alternative he suggested an l implant of 225 cc and the benilli lift. He explained that there will be puckering around the areola but he is happy to re touch them 6 months after the surgery to allow the skin to settle. Do you think I could get decent results with this latter surgery?

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Breast lift

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Based on your photos, a full mastopexy would be needed. Your breasts have significant ptosis with asymmetry and a periareolar lift is not a good option. You would have a nice result and the scars will fade. Good luck and thanks for sharing.

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A breast lift with a vertical scar with breast implants is your best option

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Based upon your photograph your surgeons first recommendation of a vertical breast lifts with an inverted T will likely give you the best result and will improve your asymmetry.  Attempting to provide an adequate lift through a periareolar approach in my opinion will be disappointing and likely need a revision.

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