Can areolas be more symmetrical?

I had breast augmentation in December and had a lift on my left breast (which sagged significantly more than the other) done at the same time. My right breast implant was done through peri-areola incision and I love it. My left breast is still unsatisfactory to me. I have a double bubble that appears which I was not expecting and the areola is now significantly larger than the other. The implant also appears to have dropped a little lower than the other. Is there any hope in having my areolas more symmetrical if I have revision on that breast?

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Areola Symmetry

Unfortunately, your photo makes it hard to be precise in responding to all your questions.

If the right areola is a bit larger than the right, the left can be reduced and adjusted in its position to better match the left.

The "double bubble" may be a bit harder to repair.  "Double Bubble" is usually a result of the implant extending beyond the edge of the natural breast.  The crease of the double bubble is the edge of the natural breast tissue. One way to improve or repair the double bubble is with a repair of the capsule.

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Areola size asymmetry and double bubble

A revision of the areaola on the left can be be done to make the diameter of it smaller.  The crease on the medial aspect of the left breast can be a more difficult problem.  It seems your plastic surgeon was trying to give you more fullness in this zone and the implant did not expand to fill in the loose skin.  This can be improved with a small capsulotomy or capsulectomy to all the implant to expand this area.  

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Areola symmetry

Your areola can be made smaller ot match the other one when you have a revision. Remember, there will be  a scar around the areola.

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Can areolas be more symmetrical?

IT is difficult to predict the final areola size when doing augmentation because it does stretch. A second revision would allow more control because there is no enlargement this time.

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