Areola Tattoos Post Breast Revision? (photo)

I recently under went a breast revision, the doctor did not trim my nipples smaller as I requested and they are also asymmetrical . I am considering tattooing a darker pigmented smaller areola on my breast, in hopes to take away from the large unenven pink stretched out areola now there. How long after surgery should I wait to do the tattoo, as we all know areola size does not reduce with further healing? I am only concerned when it is medically safe to proceed with tattoo.

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Areola Tattooing

Dear Anna,

Tattooing is commonly used in cases of scarring or in reconstruction.  Your photos are a bit out of focus, so based on what I can see, your two areolas seem pretty symmetrical the left does have some more irregularities to it which may benefit from tattooing.  See a plastic surgeon that has experience with tattoos of the areola.  Best of luck. 

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Tattoo is an excellent technique to refine scars such as areolas

Minimum 1 year you should wait as this is the necessary time for all the scar alterations to occur such as despigmentations and changes in shape and size (stretching and scar contractions). Tattoo (dermapigmentation) can refine the shape and color of the area around your nipples by making them the shade of color you like and more round. Now in cases where you want smaller ones then better option would be a scar revision instead. Please refer to your surgeon regarding all the options and the right timings.
I hope this was helpful enough...

Ioannis Michael Ch. Salivaras, MD
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Areola Tattoos Post Breast Revision? (photo)

Best to ask your treating surgeon this question. Since we do not know you or your medical/surgical history.. In general 3 months is OK ..///

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Thank you for the photos but tattoooing a smaller darker areola within the larger one may make the area look strange with the pink surrounding the darker area or am I not understanding you correctly. Dr. Corbin

Frederic H. Corbin, MD
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