Can Areola Scarring Get Worse After Reincision To Fix Asymmetry?

Thank you for those who responded previously.I have decided to have a PS adjust the areola size on my right. The difference in size is too obvious for me and understand it will never be perfect. :( I scarred fairly well after my Augmentation and Lift. Is there a chance with reincision scars will end up worse around the areola?

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Areolar scarring

Any repeat surgery will lead to new scarring. It is unpredictable as to how the new scar will heal but with careful planning and execution of the purse string suture you have a better chance at healing well.

If the areolar size asymmetry is unacceptable to you, you must acknowledge the risks that are inherent in revision surgery, including poor scarring and recurrent widening of the areola.

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Can Areola Scarring Get Worse Aftr Reincision To Fix Asymmetry?Answr

The complete peri-areolar incision can be very challenging and can take a few tries to get a satisfactory size and scar. I personally prefer a permanent suture (Gortex) as a purse string to hold the shape but most of the time it can be revised under local anesthesia.

John J. Corey, MD
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Reduction of areolar size

I understand that after an augmentation with a periareolar incision you had a reasonable scar. You should understand that there are no guarantee   with scaring. You are contemplating a procedure that will increase the tension on the scar . Increased tension on the wound will have the tendency to produce a widen scar.

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Areola scarring

While it is impossible to predict exactly how you will scar from a revision, the likelihood that the scar will heal the same way is probalby pretty good.

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Areolar scarring

You are fair skinned and the areola should go on to heal well after re-excision and closure.  This is heavily dependent on surgical technique, the absence of infection and good healing.  Too much tension on the wound can lead to breakdown and poor scarring.

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Areolar scarring after revision to fix asymmetry

The way your areola scarred the first time around is a good indication of how you will scar again.  However it is possible for the revision scars to be better --there will be less overall tension and swelling as your breast implants are already in place--  Or, it is possible for the scar to be worse.  Depending on how much skin is removed, there may be more tension on the wound.  Other factors that could affect the healing is whether different suture material is used, how the tissues are handled and whether there is any inflammation of the skin in the healing period.  I would expect, based on your photos, that your scars will be similar.

Marialyn Sardo, MD
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It can but usually it does not.


This is an uncommon problem except in unskilled hands or when tension is too high.


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