Possible to Only Have a Areola Reduction? (photo)

Hi! I have rather large areolas and small breasts, i have tried to accept how they are since i was about 16. I am now 21 and i feel that they are hindering me in my sexual life and also in my daily life. The reason to why i feel hindered is because is just a confidence killer for me, and its something i just cant get over. So i was wondering if i would be a good candidate to have only my areolas reduced?

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Augmentation+areola reduction

I recommend you slight augmentation and areola reduction (if you want bigger size, it will be possible also) at the same operation.

Turkey Plastic Surgeon

Possible to Only Have a Areola Reduction? (photo)

Yes a possible option. But ONLY in person examination and discussion would afford you the understanding and the knowledge you need to make an in formed decision. Personally for me I would politely decline from doing your surgery. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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