Areola Reduction Surgery – Permanent Stitches or Not Permanent?

I had an areola reduction 7 years decreasing areolas to 4.5cm (using not permanent stitches). Sadly, due to weight gain they increased to 8cm so I am planning to have another areola reduction. Two doctors advised me not to use permanent stitches. But I read on Mr Adrian Richards website that he uses permanent stitches and they prevent areolas from increasing in size. Could you please advise me if using permanent stitches prevents areolas from increasing in size better then not permanent stitches?

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Technique of nipple-areolar reduction uses permanent sutures

You are quite right, it is customary to use a large permanent purse-string suture to maintain an areolar reduction, particularly if there is tension on the wound. This is common when implants are present and when the areolar reduction is part of a breast lift (the Benelli operation). In both cases the tension produces stretching and widening of the areola over time. Why, then, are some surgeons reluctant to use a permanent suture? If it is not placed correctly (and there is a method for this!) the suture knot can ulcerate through the skin and the whole thing can become the focus of an infection. If this happens, the suture must be removed.

Absorbable sutures are easy and safer. However, unless the breast skin is very loose, they are much more likely to result in the stretching mentioned above.

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