Areola Reduction Problem - Leaking from Stitch Site

Thank you for the answer. Continuing with case ( I have further comments. There wasn't a suture sewed around the areola. The surgeon used only stitches on the wound which were not dissolved by my body and my body made them hard, so the surgeon removed the previous scars by cutting it (the undissolved stitches) and redid the areola on the surface. After that 2nd "fixing" my boobs won't stop leaking. How could this be fixed now?

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Wound drainage after areola reduction

Dear Goforitt,  if it has only been a couple of weeks since the second surgery this may be be associated with normal healing.  However, if the drainage has persisted longer, there is redness, swelling or pain it could be a sign of an infection or seroma formation.  You should check with your surgeon to see what should be done. 

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Wound drainage following surgery


You are describing wound drainage following surgery.  There are a number of potential causes for this including seroma, infection, suture abscess, among others.  If there is no redness and just drainage there may be a seroma.  Have your plastic surgeon take a close look at you to determine if a drain or antibiotics are needed.

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Areola leaking site

Dear Goforitt,

The wound healing issues should have stopped with the excision of the sutures that where causing the chronic discharge problems.  If the discharge is continuing and you are of childbearing age and sitll capable of breast feeding I would determine whether there is a  fistula (abnormal connection) between a milk duct and the skin around your areaola.  It is a very rare occurence but I have seen a single case of this situation after a traumatic injury to the breast.  Again this is extremely rare and I am only considering it because you indicated that the periareolar incisions have been surgicaly cleaned.

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