Areola Reduction: 4 Months and a Half Post Surgery, Small Area Still Infamed. Do I Need to Worry?

Hello to all of you, I had the areola of my left breast reduced. I don't think the dotor used permanent sutures as the incision line is smooth. All I know is that the dotor kept on suturing while he was performing the surgery and I hardly notice any sutures. The areola has healed well except that there is a tiny spot which burns whenever I touch. Is it normal to have inflammation after such a long time. Is it safe if I put ointment containing low strength cortisone like Eumovate. Thanks.

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Irritation of skin after areola reduction

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It is not uncommon to have an area of irritation along an incision with any type of surgery, including breast or areola reduction. Often times, absorbable stitches are placed underneath the skin and can take weeks or months to fully absorb. The remnant of the stitch can sometimes cause irritation and even a small open wound. I would encourage you to follow-up with your surgeon to be evaluated for a retained stitch.

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Areola reduction

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It is best to be evaluated for the area of pain that you are describing. I would avoid steroid creams and get evaluated.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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