Areola Reduction and Scar Revision? (photo)

I had gyno surgery few years ago. I was left with a huge scar and a big areola. The scars are casing me problem more than the gyno I had. Is there any way to improve the look of the scar.I'm 5'8'' tall and my weight is 200 lbs. Do I need to lose weight first or should I do the surgery now. If I lose weight and gain muscle will that affect my surgery(limited skin movement) .Is there surgeon who specialize in scar revision or any plastic surgeon can do it? please advise me on what can be done?

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Areola Reduction and Scar Revision

Thanks for your question and for the attached photos. The things I note on these photos is the enlarged and vertically stretched areolas, and the irregularities at the lateral ends of the larger incisions. The incisions themselves are probably as good as they will get the possible exception of the area that you show on the side view where a small amount is wide and could be thinned. 

I don't think he will have much luck finding a plastic surgeon with a special interest in scar revisions. He might have an easier time finding one with a special interest in gynecomastia surgery. You can find a geographic listing for your area on this website. Thank you and best wishes.

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