Areola Reduction Done 13 Months Ago. Advice Would Be Highly Appreciated? (photo)

used:Permanent and Nonpermanent sutures. I am 25, won´t have kids soon.I have PIH. areolas were 4 cm after surgery, now 6 and 7 cm. PS said that they can widen more.Scars are wide partly since some sutures popped out. I have inflammation/ eczema on the areola. PS says it can change pigmentation,he says that I do a scar revision now or wait after pregnancy, but his not sure it will improve. Is this a case of bad risk assessment? I have atopic dermatitis and big heavy breasts The PS is respected

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Widened areolas following areolar reduction

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Women with large breasts, like yourself, are prone to areolar widening following  peri-areolar incisions.  This is the case whether or not your incision was placed for areolar reduction or a peri-areolar mastopexy.  In order to avoid this, the permanent suture that is placed around the perimeter of the areola must be intact.  If that permanent suture is broken, you will be prone to widening in the same way that you be if only absorbable sutures were used.  A permanent indwelling prolene suture  (I like gore-tex suture) may be palpable around the perimeter of the areola, but this is the tradeoff for maintaining predictable size. Hope that helps.  All the best...  

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