Areola Numbness from Massaging Too Hard Post- Smart Lipo?

I am a male and had smartlipo on my chest two years ago. Afterwards two hard lumps developed under my nipples. The surgeon said it was hard fat that was left from the procedure. He advised I massaged it and showed me how to massage it. When he showed me how to do it he was squeezing the lumps so hard that it hurt but I assumed he knew what he was talking about so for the next couple of months I did that. I now notice that my areola is near numb. IS this from the procedure or massaging too hard?

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Numbness of areola after deep massage and SmartLipo

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The answer to your question is not readily available from similar reports.  Numbness can occur after any liposuction, but there is a slight increased risk when the liposuction has an additional element of trauma, such as heat, from the laser-assisted Smart Lipo device.  Pressure can affect a nerve. Sitting too long or resting too long on an arm can cause a nerve palsy in the arm or leg.  Whether or not the pressure from your deep massage caused the numbness you experience, I can not answer.

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Massaging should not cause numbness

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The laser in Smartlipo indiscriminately liquifies whatever tissue it comes into contact with, including nerves. Post-liposuction massaging is commonly used to smooth out bumpy areas and should not cause numbness.

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