Areola Looks Like Its Not Attached and Has a Flap After Mastoplexy ?

Hi there I am 17 days post implant removal and mastoplexy. I am healing quite well but my left breast Is troubling me. The areola is not smooth. The underside of the areola is very thick I can actually get my finger tip under it, it's like a small flap. The skin underneath It is not raw it's normal so it's not from burst stitches. The rest of the areola on that breast and the right one is flush with the breast tissue. Is this normal? I'm so worried Thanks in advance

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Areola “Flap” after Mastopexy Surgery?

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I'm sorry that you are experiencing trouble after surgery;  based on your description however there is  probably not much to do at this point.  In other words, it may be best to allow for ongoing healing to occur before deciding whether some type of revisionary surgery may be helpful.

Of course, your plastic surgeon will be in the best position to advise you so please continue to follow-up with him/her closely.

Best wishes.

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