Areola Color Fading After Breast Reduction? (photo)

I underwent breast reduction three months ago . Everything was fine until I noticed that the areola color for my right breast was kinda peeling off. I thought it was part of the healing process but now that I look at my nipples and areola , the pigment has faded and it seems as If some part of the left and right side of the areola is missing . I am worried, will I get the color back? the other breast areola color is normal. Is the healing process over at three months or will they still get smaller?

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Color fade of areola after breast reduction

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Peeling of skin including the areola is fairly common   The skin color usually returns as healing progresses.  The actual scar in Caucasian women pales.  If there is  superficial skin loss, color loss  may be resultant in a spotty fashion.  Later on, tattooing may help adjust the irregular color and evident scar color mismatch.

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