Aren't Migraines in the CNS? So Why Would Peripheral Muscle Relaxation Work?

I understand how botox could treat tension related headaches, but are these the same as "migraines"? One test might be to see if botox is effective on "migraines" that are preceded by auras, which must be caused in the brain.

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How does Botox stop migraines

Most likely it is simply halting a trigger. Some nerve decompression surgeries will stop migraines and likely it works on a similar principle by stopping a peripherally generated trigger. There may also be an overlap between tension and pure migraines. These patients may be the ones being helped. 

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Aren't Migraines in the CNS? So Why Would Peripheral Muscle Relaxation Work?

We have demonstrated through research that the patients who have migraine headaches are missing mylin that shields the nerves thus their nerves are vulnerable. Most sensory nerves that are the trigger sites for migraine headaches pass through the muscle to get to the skin level. One mechanism of action of the Botox is paralyzing these muscles that squeeze the nerves. That is why also surgical decompression of the nerves that I have described produces similar or even better and more lasting results. Botox can also reduce the inflammation of the nerves which is the reason for the immediate improve of pain on some patients. 

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Aren't Migraines in the CNS? So Why Would Peripheral Muscle Relaxation Work?

It is unclear why certain migraine patients benefit from Botox while others do not. In addition, in my experience, some patients will report improvement of chronic migraines right after Botox treatment (typically requires 3-5 days to work for cosmetic indications) which suggests that the improvement might occur through a currently unidentified mechanism. However, in certain people Botox can create a huge improvement in quality of life. I hope this information is helpful.

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