Are My Nipples Going to Even Out? One Seems to Be Higher then the Other.

My breast lift with implants was done 8-1, I know swelling goes down and they take months to lower but if from the start nipples are not even won't they just drop over time to still have in even nipples, I mean breasts don't have sensors that say ok, nipples are even your done dropping. Just wondering of over time my breast will be lower but nipple placement will still be uneven

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Mastopexy Augmentation

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I agree with others who have responded to your concerns over nipple asymmetry after breast lift and augmentation. A few days is too early to determine if your nipples and breast contour will be symmetric when the implants settle in 4-6 weeks. I would address your concerns with the surgeon who performed the operation and clarify with them if you need to be starting any exercise to help the implants settle.

Good Luck

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After breast lift and implants are nipples going to even out!

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As already mentioned this post was made just a few days after surgery. This is even before most surgeons will be able to have seen the patient for their first visit in many situations. Breast left and implant placement done at the same time is a procedure with multiple variables. The surgeon who performed the case has the best knowledge of the on table result. That is who you should direct your questions.

Asymmetry After Breast Lift

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After undergoing a breast lift procedure (especially with implants) there are many variables that occur simultaneously. The breasts are getting smaller and larger at the same time. As a result, there are a number of variables that must be taken into consideration to get an even and aymmetrcir result.  Without photos we cant tell you much about your situation.  However, small differences in nipple position are likely to occur, especially 2 days after your surgery.  Larger discrepancies are less likely.  Some of these situations are a result of the implant location and will even out as this settles.

Have a conversation with your surgeon who can give you more detailed information about your progress.

Best of luck

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Early postop questions should stay with your doctor

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I will presume that you trusted your doctor enough to operate on you so please trust them enough to take care of you.  It is inappropriate really to take these questions to the internet only 3 days after surgery.  I hope you will call them today, go back for an exam and be reassurred through the healing.  Don't listen to the internet, trust your doctor.

Breast lift procedures improve breast shape

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Its only been a couple of days since your breast lift and implant procedure - its too early to make assessments about your final breast shape and nipple position - but in general - if your nipples appear to be uneven now, its unlikely they will 'self correct' in the future. Make sure your plastic surgeon is aware of your concerns.

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