Any Areas That Doctors Do Not Recommend Getting Fat Grafted?

I am 5'1, 120 lbs, and have been researching BBL doctors. I've had a couple doctors suggest areas to be fat grafted for this procedure but recently I had another doctor tell me that he did not recommend those areas for one reason or another. Are there any areas that are unsafe or pointless to have liposuction? These areas were upper and lower back, thighs, abdomen, and love handles.

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Any where fat accumolates under the skin can be liposuctioned. HOWEVER, one should choose the liposuction candidate very carefully, as much as the patient should choose the doctor to do liposuction on them very carefully too.

There are areas that are less forgiving than others, The face , Inner thighs, and posterior thighs (bananna deformity) these areas even in the best hands one should be carefull.

Meet with your plastic surgeon and explain your concerns, the areas that bother you and HOW he/she would deal with it and what to expect, the complications and risks. Avoid people hard selling you a procedure or a method, avoid hyped brand named procedures Avoid machines and lights and lasers that do not work.

Computer immaging may help visualize what the change or liposuction to one area will look on you and your body.

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Any Areas That Doctors Do Not Recommend Getting Fat Grafted?

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You are a great candidate for the procedure. I recommend lipo of the abdomen back flanks and inner thigh if you need more fat for a transfer.

Ron Hazani, MD, FACS
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Where can fat be removed from?

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Secondly be removed from almost any area of the body.  The most important factor is surgeon experience.  Some areas are more sensitive than others.  So being conservative on fat removal in these areas are always prudent.  Most common areas of fat removal are upper and lower back, hips, flanks, abdomen as well as thighs.  The arms can also be used.  Being conservative and knowing when to not remove any more fat from an area comes with surgeon experience.  From here photos, even the liposuction will make a tremendous difference in your body contour.  I hope this helps!  Make sure to speak with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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