Area Under Tip & Ball of Nose Keep Swelling/refilling After Open Revision Rhino W/ Medpor Ear Cartilage?


So Bad I Can't Even tell how much my surgeon angled/rotated me,but I worry that b/c I didn't speak up/misunderstood how he would elevate my tip (offered at the last minute)-I'm horrified. I now have a double humped nose. I'm 2 wks post-op, taking Bromelain, but can't tell if I see what I do b/c the the ball underneath the tip is hard/swollen or b/c he angled it so much. I fear it's the latter, but my nostrils don't look much higher than before. He was dismissive before surgery & after. How can I help w/ edema?

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Medpor Implants

It's very difficult to assess your nose without seeing photographs. Suffice to say you may be seeing irregularities with the cartilage and medpor grafting. Also 2 weeks post-op is early but photos would really help.

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