Area next to filler flattened out (photo)

I got Belotero one week ago under my eyes. One eye bruised and swelled badly. The other one barely bruised or swelled at all. Most of the swelling has gone down and the bruise is healing as well, but I noticed that around half an inch adjacent to the swelling/filler is sunken in a little. I've attached a picture of the area. The other side has a very small depression under the filler, but I couldn't capture that in a picture. Will this go away as the filler settles? What can I do?

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At one week your swelling has not completely resolved.  I tell my patients not to look too closely at their result for at least 2 weeks.  In all likelihood you will get a great result from your treatment.  

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You should consult your physician regarding the flattened out area under your Belotero treatment.

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If you're experiencing indentations in your midface after your treatment, you should bring these concerns to your doctor. Depending on your condition, you may benefit from a treatment to the depressed area. Your photo is limited, so your best advice would be from your doctor.

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