Area Around Belly Button Undone? Have Bulge on One Side?

03/11 I had MR (huge gap) with TT.3 mths after I return to work,had an injury,MR came undone instantly.Area spread out around my BB bulged,overtime getting worse.5 wks ago,I had 2nd TT/MR to fix the damage done(WC). Happy with recovery this time,min. swelling.But 3 wks in I had a wk of bad involuntary muscle spasms in bed. 4 wks in, I notice a bulge like a ridge like muscle, left side of BB, now spreading underneath, feels like previous injury to touch.Surgeon evasive,"maybe swelling"Advice pls

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Have Bulge on One Side?

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A photo would help, but having gone through this before it sounds like you know what this is. Apparently this is less of disruption than the first time, and it may not be so easy to diagnose, and it may be just swelling. Continue to follow up with your surgeon, and best wishes for an uneventful recovery. 

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