Are You Conscious During Smart Lipo?

I'd like to know, is the patient awake or conscious during the Smart Lipo procedure? I don't want to feel any pain!

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You are awake and sedated during Smart Lipo

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Hi Yasmine,

Most Smart Lipo is done under local anesthesia with sedation. Our experience has been a very positive one. Your surgeon needs to be gentle and more patient in injecting the tumescent fluid that allows the anesthesia to spread throughout the areas. You can request general anesthesia if you are really nervous about it, but the cost will be higher.

For smaller areas of liposuction local anesthesia works just fine. You will be aware of what is going on and may feel an occasional pinch. Our latest patient said that "if getting a back tattoo is a 7 , this is 1".

However, local anesthesia is not for everyone, so make sure you discuss your concerns with your doctor and go to a doctor that can offer you both local anesthesia and general anesthesia (just in case). Good luck.

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