Are There Currently Any Trial Studies on PLA (Poly-L-Lactic Acid) Removal?

I am interested in studies, if any exist, pertaining to dissolving PLA lumps, nodules, and fbo's without surgery. Surgery to rid yourself of these facial lumps and then laser or whatever to remove the scars is pretty difficult to subject yourself to, especially after having been subjected to this product/device in the first place. Any easier way to have your face restored back to what it looked like prior to these injections?

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I'm sorry that you are experiencing bumps from PLLA injections. To my knowledge, there are no studies that specifically address the treatment of nodules from PLLA. Perhaps this is because the occurence of persistent nodules is extremely rare.

In my practice, I have evaluated two patients who developed visible bumps from PLLA injections performed by another practitioner. In both cases the bumps resolved with vigorous massaging.

The incidence of non visible bumps that can be felt remains at about 6% with newer techniques of injection and massaging. Because they are non visible most patients are not concerned and don't seek treatment for them.

There are techniques other than massage by which nodules can be dissolved. They can be injected with saline (salt water) solution to break them up. They can be injected with a cortisone-like liquid to break them down.

Seek out a physician skilled and experienced with the use of PLLA and they will guide you to a bump free face. Good luck.

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