Are All Plastic Surgeons Trained to Treat Facial Scars?

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All plastic surgeons are trained in facial scarring.

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Yes, generally all are trained. However, the training can vary tremendously among programs. Furthermore, the degree to which a plastic surgeon seeks training is also of great import. Some express a greater interest and actively engage in educational opportunities to enhance that basic training.

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Facial Scar Revision Surgery and Plastic Surgeons

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Scar treatment encompasses a wide range options. Treatments include everything from giving it time to cutting it out and starting anew.

Plastic surgeons are uniquely qualified for the treatment of scars. In the Unites States we receive general surgery training and then further refine our surgical skills with a plastic surgery fellowship. This includes the best methods to make a scar less noticeable.

Of course, not making a scar is the best treatment. Often, however, not as much can be accomplished without making a scar. When a scar is necessary it helps to know where to make it, how to make it, how to minimize the length and the best methods of closure.

Treatment of the incision after surgery is integral to a good result. This is also a routine part of our training. It includes simple methods like scar massage and topical treatments, more invasive maneuvers like steroid injections, lasers and dermabrasion. The area most specialty specific is scar revision surgery. This is usually after everything else has been tried and optimized.

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