Are Home Laser Hair Removal Machines Safe?

I bought a laser hair removal device for home use. Is it safe for me to use it by myself? Can I use it on the breast area (near the nipple)?

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At home laser hair removal Ststems. Are they Safe and Effective?


Do home laser hair removal systems work?


In a word No.  The lasers used for laser hair removal generate a significant amount of heat, which is why a special cooling device, a DCD is used to cool the skin. Additionally, the laser energy is so powerful that both providers and clients must wear protective eyewear. If the home lasers really worked, they would require much more power.

However, we did purchase a system, just to try it out. The results were not surprising. It didn’t work.


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Home Laser Hair Removal

Hi Sepidar,

There are home laser hair removal devices that have been approved by the FDA in the US. If the one you have purchased is from the US, the chances are the device is very safe for you. If you have purchased a device from another country, we would not know about the safety profile of the device.

While we understand that these devices are more affordable than laser hair removal at your physician's office, we question the effectiveness of the machines. The reasons powerful laser hair removal devices are only used in physician's offices is that they are powerful. This power also means they are very effective at permanently removing hair. We are not sure the same can be said for the at home devices, but only time will tell.

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Home laser hair removal machines

Yes, if you have an FDA (Federal Drug Administration) approved machine. Make sure you follow the instructions. It can be used on the breast area as well. REad the manual to make sure it is safe for your skin color. Generally speaking the fairer the skin the safer it is to use these lasers.


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