Are Horrible Active FX/Total FX Results Common?

How common are horrible Active FX or Total FX results? Are they predictable and avoidable?

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Not Common

The potential for both good and bad results can vary with how aggressively the treatment is done.  If you have a light treatment, you will not have any problems from the treatment, but you will also get a lighter response.  If the treatment is very aggressive, you have the potential for a great response, but you also have a higher risk for any complication.  There is a balance in the middle where you still can get great results, but without risk of complications.  Complications are not common with this treatment.  However, if you have darker skin tone, you might be more at risk.  What we see occasionally is pigmentation or blotchiness after the treatment.  This can be treated with the use of bleaching cream, using it before treatment if you are at risk, &/or after treatment if you do develop it.  In my experience it is 100% reversible.  There is also a risk for infection, but that can virtually always be prevented with the use of antibiotics and antiviral medicines prior to your treatment.  I have not seen what I would call a "horrible" result.  Of course after the treatment the skin does look horrible for a while, but you should be able to wear makeup within a week on the face, and about 2 weeks on the neck.  Some redness will persist for about a month, but it fades each week.

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