Post-op TT & Plication X 28 Days, Swollen Tummy & Very Numb, Very Heavy Feeling?

Surgery was Mar. question is this, my drains were taken out on Mar. 8, & since then, I have had a numb & swollen abdomen & lower belly. I'm a bit worried about fluid, but I do see my surgeon on the 22, so it will addressed, I'm sure. Should I be concerned at this stage of the game, or just be patient. I've waited for what seems a lifetime for this surgery, & am extremely pleased with my results, not to mention that my surgeon was incredible! I just feel very 'full' right now

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Post-op TT & Plication X 28 Days, Swollen Tummy & Very Numb, Very Heavy Feeling?

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Swelling is pretty universal, and it will usually take about 3 months for most to resolve. Numbness is also a 100% occurrence. Improvement takes about a year. If only the lower abdomen is swollen, there could be a fluid collection (seroma) which your surgeon would need to address. 

Pleased to hear that you are happy with the outcome. It will only improve. All the best. 

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Post TT swelling and numbness

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Hi Lorelie,

I'm pleased your surgical experience has been a good one.

Numbness especially in the lower abdominal skin after a tummy tuck is normal and to be expected. It can take a couple of years for sensation to stabilize and in most cases normal or close to normal feeling comes back.

Some swelling after a tummy tuck is normal as well and can take a few months to settle down. Having said that, a collection of fluid can sometimes form between the muscle layer and abdominal flap which can produce a swollen appearance. If this occurs it should be drained off. This is a minor procedure usually performed in office. I like my patients to call me if they have any concerns after their surgery. If I were you I'd call your surgeon to discuss the swelling.

Douglas McManamny, MBBS, FRACS
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

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