Very bad decay and tooth loss, what to do?

I have a big issue with my teeth... They are decayed all the way down to gum line, teeth breaking off, and missing teeth. ( about half gone). I am under 40 yrs old haven't had a real smile in a long time. I am confused on what to do. Either dentures or what. Would add photos but I am to embarrassed.

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You should consider denture

I'm sorry to hear about your situation.  Photos would have been great, but based on what you wrote ("all teeth have decayed all the way down to the gum line"), they would be considered non-restorable.  Therefore, you are looking at extractions and complete dentures.  This would be the least expensive option.  A more expensive option would be an all-on-four implants.  I would suggest going to a dental practice or a community dental clinic for look at your options.

Federal Way Dentist

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