Do I have rosacea? 17 years old, will be 18 soon. (photos)

had this issue after i got pimples for the first time that was 5 years ago.. after 2-3 months of having pimples I had red cheeks It might be because I used a face product for acne it was Clean and Clear I'm not sure which type but it looked silver and purple, look at the image included (dont know what it looked like but sure it effected my skin). Sometimes a spot (circular) gets really red and itchy but once I wash my face with water and lay down for roughly 5 minutes it start to fade away.

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Red Cheeks and Pimples

Its rare for someone very young to have true "rosacea."  You seem to have dry irritated skin and some acne, and a cosmetic dermatologist would be best for you.  You want an expert in skin care as well as acne treatments.  It is likely they will recommend an aesthetician to help improve your skin clarity, while they are also treating your condition.  Best of luck, Dr. Emer.

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