This is my third rhinoplasty, took a cartilage from ear to make my nose look straighter (Photo)

and use a part from it in my right nostrils today i complete 10 days and i know still too early to judge but i can see that i have small bump and the nostrils are asymmetric. therefore, i dont like my left nostril but the surgeon said we cant make it bigger, the only option is to make the right side similar to it which never happened .1. Bump will disappear ?2. the nostrils will improve .3. how long needs to take for the cartilage to take its place .

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Implants and Revision Rhinoplasty

When we use implants whether it is man made or your cartilage, it takes time for your body to go through the healing process. I would wait a year before you can fully evaluate your results.

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Perfect nose

It is almost impossible to achieve a perfect nose.  The small abnormalities or asymmetries that you notice can cannot be completely corrected in some cases.Most minor changes settle down with time as the healing continues.  You should give it more time.


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