Is my dental implant infected or is it normal ? 1 week post surgery. (photos)

I placed my implants a week ago and am not experiencing any side effects just the swelling but it's gone by now but am concerned my stitches are getting loose and am not surr if it's infected or that's normal. Pleaseee helpp

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Dental Implants Swelling

Thank you for the photograph and for submitting your question. After dental implant surgery, it is normal and common to experience swelling in the area, maybe a little bit of blood in the mouth, and tenderness. The most important thing to be aware of is that the tenderness and swelling is subsiding and that there is no bleeding as you heal. I recommend that you give it at least 2 weeks, unless you are feeling the symptoms getting worse. If you do feel uncomfortable with what you see, I would suggest that you visit your dental implant surgeon and ask for his/her opinion. Good luck to you!

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Dental Implant

Based on what I see in the photo, it seems as if what you are experiencing is mainly swelling. Because of the loose sutures I would return to your surgeon to confirm that the tissue is positioned as he/she intended.

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