Breast augmentation by fat transfer; likelihood of deformation?

I am thinking of breast augmentation using fat transfer as I hate the idea of implants and don't care about very big breasts. I was told that it is very unpredictable and there is a possibility of formation of fat lumps and cyst that might cause deformities . How likely is that ? Does it depend on the plastic surgeon skills or not necissarily ?

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Fat Transfer to the Breast

I have a lot of experience with this procedure and have found it to be very rewarding and associated with a very low complication risk. In experience hands, this won't leave you deformed.  It's typically a subtle and noticeable change with an increase of a 1/2 to full cup increase. It can also be performed under local anesthesia. Check out the before and after photos. 

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Breast Augmentation Options


yes, breast fat-grafting can be quite unpredictable and only small, subtle changes are typically possible, requiring multiple treatments. I would recommend that you select a board certified Plastic Surgeon with a lot of experience in this area if you'd like to go this route.

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Breast augmentation by fat transfer; likelihood of deformation?

Fat grafting to the breasts for cosmetic reasons is a newer procedure and is not something that a lot of seasoned plastic surgeons do routinely in their practice. Over the last few years it has gained popularity and the "old school" thought of abnormal mammograms after this procedures is not as strong of a deterrence. We now believe that it is safe as long as you have no personal or strong family history of breast cancer or breast disease. The thought in the past was that if you have this done, it changes the way the images look on your MMG which will lead to increased biopsies or more imaging with benign findings. Now the thought is that you just make sure you have your imaging taken and read at a facility/center that is experienced with the findings seen after fat transfer. 

Breast augmentation by fat transfer; likelihood of deformation?

Yes, risk of complications with fat transfer does depend on surgeon skills and technique.  That is what makes fat transfer somewhat unpredictable.  Nice results can be obtained for small augmentations with fat transfer but sometimes secondary procedures are necessary to add some more volume.  Breast implants will give a more predictable result and implants are very safe devices.  Meet with a board certified plastic surgeon to get more information.

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yes it depends on the surgeon and technique. In my opinion,  you would be happier with implants.  Fat can be metabolized and dissolve.  Not as predictable as implants. Some of my colleagues may disagree with me here but I can only tell you what I see and hear from patients.  The implants are much more predictable.  Go to a board certified plastic surgeon. 

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