Autoimmune disease (AOSD) for 3 years. Can I get breast augmentation? Fillers in lips/face? Botox?

25 yrs and diagnosed in 2013 with Adult Onset Still's disease AOSD with treatment monthly infusions of Actemra which is working as I feel no symptoms I wan to get breast implants (saline/silicon), lip fillers and may be botox or fillers on my face as I age. As a rheumatology patient, is this ok ? and which type of (implants/fillers) would you advise me to get? P.S. I've read a few articles about auto-immune induced by ruptured implants but a cause - effect link has not been made yet.

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AOSD and augmentation with filler and botox

Thank you for taking the time to ask this question! Unfortunately I would not be comfortable proceeding with a breast augmentation and lip filler procedure until a more extensive, in-person examination and consultation is done. Botox could still be a viable option for you though. I suggest setting up a consultation with a PS in your area that is board certified and has well received reviews for customer care.
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