I Have an Aquiline Nose with a Hump That is Crooked. How Much Straighter Will my Nose Appear and Will It Look Bigger? (photo)

Eventually I will get a septo/rhinoplasty but for now I just want a non surgical way to make it look better. How straight can it look with the filler and how much bigger will it make my nose look? I just want to smooth out the hump since it is crooked and make it less noticable.

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Fillers for nose

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Normally, fillers work best for noses that have a hump or a depression on the top (dorsum).  Fillers may not work as well to help straighten a nose that is crooked from side to side.  If you did decide to try a filler, I would not recommend Artefill, as you plan on having surgery at some point to give your nose a permanent change.  Artefill is a permanent filler, so it would remain in your nose.  Radiesse would be a better filler since it would go away eventually before your surgery.  I'm still not hopeful that fillers would work best in your particular situation, but an exam in person would add additional information.   

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