Can any plastic surgeon in the LI area help me? Had my implants removed, but the capsules were not. I remain very sick (Photos)

Due to degraded, eroded, & bacteria infected, textured-saline implants, my health continues to decline. If I do not get capsules removed, I will remain very ill. At this time I only have United Healthcare Community Plan Insurance & they are willing to pay any Surgeon out of network for this surgery. I have been rejected by EVERY plastic surgeon in my area bc they will not accept this plan. I don't know where else to turn, so I am using this has my last resort. I am desperately seeking help.

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Infected Breast Implants

With infected Breast Implants, the implant and the full capsule should be removed, enblock explant. then treated for the infection based on the bacterial, and fungal cultures by an infectious disease specialist.With the swelling of the fingers, you need a full work up by a rheumatologist.The second picture of the rash can not see what it is and where, the picture is too close, may need a biopsy for diagnosis.

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