Aquamid and Perlane Mix Injections, Is this Safe?

I had aquamid injection 6 yrs ago for my nose & I injected again 1.5 yrs after for my nose & alar-facial groove.The last one was in 2010, I also did a small amount on my lip. No infection so far, but I have small clear lump at my columella & the doctor said it’s coz it was not injected deep enough. I tried to pop it and can see that inside is gel. Will any further problem arise? I had perlane injected to my nose in 2011, great result. I want to do perlane again, is it safe after all of this?

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Aquamid and Perlane Mix Injections, Is this Safe?

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These permanent fillers can create problems years later and injecting Perlane in the same area seems ill advised IMHO.

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