Aquaban for Swelling After Lipo

Hi I had a mini tummy tuck and some lipho done a month ago and the swelling has not gone down complettely yet. I was wondering if a product like aquaban would help. Thanks

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Diuretics are not standard treatment for bloating after liposuction

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Don't take a water pill to reduce swelling without getting the permission of  your surgeon. Liposuction may cause fluid shifts in the body and if your wearing a compression garment and had a tummy tuck, you don't want to be dehydrated and wear a constrictive garment.

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Tummy tuck liposuction

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My suggestion is that to continue to wear compression garments.  The swelling may take a few more weeks to subside.  Another way to help is to begin massaging the lipo suctioned areas.  Be sure to ask your surgeon first before massaging.

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