Approximately How Much Would It Cost to Have Tattoo Excision Done on a Small Tattoo?

I have a small red heart with a black outline on my ribcage. It is the size of a fingernail. I have dark skin, so I don't think that laser removal will work well on me. I don't care about having a scar from the excision. How much would excision cost if I go to a qualified surgeon? Thanks!

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I wanted to include a link here that may help you with your research. It should direct you to the the average costs that other community members have paid for Tattoo Removal.

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Tattoo excision varies greatly from doctor to doctor. I would estimate about $500.

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It is difficult to tell for sure without seeing the tattoo and location, so $500 is pure guess.  It could be more or less for your tattoo excision.

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