Approximately How Much Would It Cost to Have my Ears Reshaped into Smooth Point? (photo)

It might sound silly but I want spock ears. Really badly, and I'ved wanted it for a couple years now. My ears are average sized and shaped like they should be. How much would it cost to get a surgery to make my ears shaped like in the picture below? (The second frame)

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Ear deformity surgery

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thank you for the question and the photographs.  first things first I highly recommend getting multiple in person evaluations with board-certified facial plastic surgeons

You appear to have what is called a Stahl deformity.

the cost of your surgery could range from $3000-$5000 depending on whether or not you do this under local anesthesia. It is very possible to have this performed under local anesthesia. In your case you're going to need special reconstructive maneuvers to make this better that typically are not used by most surgeons as this is not simply an otoplasty or ear pinning procedure to tuch the ear back. You'll need somebody with experience in head and neck reconstruction and reconstruction of the ear.

I'll attach a video that shows the surgery for your issue

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