How Much Approximate Does Invisaline Cost Dentist?

I started invisaline a month ago. It is not working in my life. I want to switch to metal braces. I was talked into this by my dentist, sold, really. I was told all of the benefits, none of the disadvantages. I, because of my job, am unable to wear the aligners the proper amount of time each day. I am unable to clean them properly and get them back on after meals. I am MISERABLE. I can't imagine doing this for a year, and want to swithch. I paid $7500 and was pressured to do this.

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Here is a link to our Invisalign page, where you can read reviews, average reported costs, look at before and after photos, and etc.

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We all make choices we are not happy with. I would talk to your Dr. and see what you options are. Some adjustment will be made. Probably around 1500 to 2000 for the work up and trays. If your Dr doesn't do braces you might want to go to an orthodontist and see if braces will make you feel better

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