What's the Appropriate Setting for First IPL Treatment?

I had my first IPL treatment yesterday. The person that applied it was not a physician but trained to use the machine. I did not feel pain nor was there any redness after the full face treatment for brown spots, freckles on my face and deep pores.

They did apply a numbing gel to face before the treatment but no pain? Is this normal? Did they have the machine set to the correct intensity? He said it was at a 5, when physician saw me after treatment he said he would have to set it higher next treatment.

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Results Folowing First IPL Treatment

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Results can vary with IPL treatments. It's hard for me to answer whether or not the "setting" of 5 is correct for you if I'm not sure of your skin type or the equipment used to do the treatment. I do know that generally the result following imediatley after your first IPL treatment should be reddness or darkening of the sundamaged skin. You could also possibly have swelling and almost look as if you had a sunburn. These results are temporary. The reddness should fade pretty quickly. It can last a day or two. Where you had freckles or sundamage may appear much darker and take as long as 2 weeks to disappear. If your procedure was painless that may one of a few things. Your numbing cream worked like a champ,or your settings were to low or you have a great thresh hold for pain. If the physician said the settings were to low he's probably correct. I would try to have the physcian do your next treatment so you don't waste your time or money.

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