Appropriate Action when Your Doctor Makes a Filler Mistake

What do you feel is the right action to take when an MD makes a very unattractive filler mistake? He charged 3 times to dissolve it. Total cost $2,500.

I spent 4 unhappy months and the problem is not yet resolved. Should I request my money back? How would I go about saying it? Should he have offered? He would admit to only a couple of areas looking bad. Overfilled entire face.

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Overcorrection is possible with Injectable Fillers.

I presume you had a hyaluronic acid injection, like Juvederm or Restylane. You say that your whole face is "overfilled". It would be helpful to see a photo demonstrating bumps or fullness, so I could provide more specific advice. Feel free to post photos.

If you're comfortable having your physician continue in your care, you should let him or her know about your dissatisfaction, and concerns. My personal opinion is that you ought not pay for treatments to dissolve product.

If your physician is not interested in your appearance, then by all means, get a second opinion from a board-certified, experienced Injector.

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