Not Sure What to Do for Revision Liposuction after Mixed Consultations?

I need a 2nd lipo revision on my love handles/lower back cause the 1st revision left me worse than my initial lipo results. many indentations on lower back & unnecessary fat graft not even near holes. 1st doc said fat must have shifted/moved. 2nd doc says fat doesn't do that & he would perform correct fat graft. Who is right? 2nd doc wants to charge me insane amounts! $7K!!! 1st doc doesnt want to perform another fat graft cause hes afraid it will end up worse. just wants to remove fat he put in

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I would recommend our Hidef Liposuction Revision Protocol which includes fat grafting, liposuction, lipocavitation, Liposonix, fibrous release, Ultherapy, and Yag laser. 

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Not Sure What to Do for Revision Liposuction after Mixed Consultations?

Firstly, fat does not shift or move. After liposuction if one gains fat, it can be accumulated in fat cells that remain and leave an uneven appearance, but it cannot shift or move. At times the revision surgery is far more complex and has a lesser success rate due to having to work within scar tissue and also injecting fat which is not a perfect science. It seems that seeing someone different than the first might be a good idea though.

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Overdone liposuction often cannot be fixed

Liposuction should never be done overly aggressively because the dents and contour irregularities and scar tissues are often not fixable, at least not to your satisfaction.  Without photos, we can't really comment more.

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Revision liposuction

Dents and irregularities can be very difficult to fix.  Sometimes fat injectionis performed to raise the depressions, and liposuction is done to treat the under treated areas.

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Repair for liposuction dents

The best way to fix liposuction dents is to avoid them in the first place. The correction can be time consuming and difficult, to say nothing about the expense. Your surgeon may be the best option, if he feels the areas can be smoothed. The second surgeon may be telling you he is not interested.

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Revision liposuction

I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience with liposuction! While liposuction is considered a “simple” procedure, it has risks that are often underestimated. Contour irregularities (or dents, lumpiness) can occur, and improvement typically requires fat grafting to certain areas, and possibly additional liposuction to others. It really depends on what you look like now, and how long it has been since your last surgery. Sometimes correction of lumps and dents can require more than one surgery, and a fee of $7000 is actually not high at all for revisional surgery. It is important to know there are limits to how much fat can be taken out with liposuction, and still have a good result. Dents and irregularities happen when either too much is taken out, or fat is taken too close to the skin. You need some fat, even if it’s a thin layer, to keep a nice smooth contour. It is there for a reason, and not every fat droplet should be removed. It can be difficult to fix, but there is hope. If you don’t feel comfortable with the two surgeons you have consulted with, you can always seek out a third opinion, or post photos with your questions to get a more detailed answer online. I would recommend consulting with a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery for this type of procedure, and ask if he or she has experience with revision liposuction.


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Regretfully, it is impossible to say what to do without seeing you for an examination. Pictures might help, but really need to see it.

Michael Hueneke, MD
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